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Staff Email

To access your email, please go to

How to sync your Outlook program with your Google account on your Windows computer.

Click here to get the directions in PDF format.


Starting June 8, 2020, AESD staff will only have one email account to login to their email accounts and all Google services. The technology services team will merge the two staff email accounts (.edu & .us) into one email account (.edu). In addition, the email service will be moved to the cloud, making it easier for staff to access their email. AESD staff will no longer need to connect to a Virtual Private Connection (VPN) to access their email.


All AESD staff will have one single AESD email account ending with and will have their email ending with email address linked. The new email changes will produce a primary email and an alias email.

Primary email:

Alias email:

Note: An alias email is an alternative email address that also received emails directly into the primary email inbox. Essentially, you have two emails that go to the same mailbox.


How to sign in to your email using any web browser.

Example of the email changes

Bobby Generic is an employee at AESD, and he was assigned 2 emails working for the district.

  1. → Primary email address
  2. → Alias email address

Starting June 8th, Bobby will only use his primary email address to login and view emails that were on both of his email accounts. The only email that Bobby will use will be the email ending in

Google Login Screen

Bobby will receive all emails sent to on his email account. Additionally, every old email that was on his account and on his email account will be in the same email inbox.

Google Mailbox

If you forgot your password for your primary email account, please visit to reset your password.

(The password reset page is currently under construction)

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