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Induction Program Information

 Mission and Vision

The mission of the Atwater Elementary School District Induction Program is to provide general education and education specialist candidates with an individualized induction experience that includes intensive, ongoing support from a qualified mentor and leads to candidate growth in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. The ultimate goals of the program are:


1. To increase student achievement in meeting California’s adopted state standards and frameworks by developing candidate competence in working effectively with the full range of California’s TK-12 students. 

2. To support the retention of teachers who are well-qualified to meet the unique needs of students in the Atwater Elementary School District.


The vision of the Atwater Elementary School District Induction Programs is to provide every student with a highly qualified teacher who continues to grow as a professional through reflection, collaboration with colleagues, and the implementation of appropriate instructional strategies and assessments. These teachers will create safe, inclusive learning environments for all students which promote their success not only in school itself, but also in future careers. 


Additional information can be found in our New Teacher Induction Program Handbook.