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Atwater Elementary School District

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For Parents » Short Term Independent Study Request

Short Term Independent Study Request

Please read this Agreement carefully. You must agree to the terms of this Agreement to enroll your child in Independent Study.

Terms of Agreement
Short Term/Site Based Independent Study
Quarantined or COVID Symptoms Absence

Independent Study is a totally voluntary program and no student can be forced to enroll. The methods of study for the pupil’s work as assigned by the supervising teacher, to meet the educational objectives per established district guidelines, will be written on assignment sheets. The students entering AESD Short Term Independent Study Program have not waived any rights as a student and are entitled to all AESD School District services and resources.

All homework is due to the teacher on the assignment due date which will be the next school day after the ending date of the duration of the contract. Completed assignments will be averaged in with the student’s current grades. The Agreement for Short Term/Site Based Independent Study is for absences less than 15 school days.

It is agreed that the forenamed student will complete all of the work assigned and return the work at a time designated by the teacher. The student will be loaned the necessary books, technology, and materials needed to complete the work as determined by the teacher. The quality of work in the completed assignments will be judged by the teacher with the same standards used in the regular classroom.

We have read the terms of this agreement and hereby agree to all the conditions set forth within. This independent study master agreement is not valid unless all of the signatures below are obtained prior to the beginning date of the contract listed above.

If you agree with the terms of this Agreement, select the school the student is currently attending.
Do not continue, if you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement.